Whatever sector your business is in we have solutions for you. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, cafe, gymnasium or cinema we have a comprehensive plan thats perfect for your needs.
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Client Intelligence
Gather data effortlessly and make it work for you with ease.
Deep Customer Visualisation
Your customers will only need to register through the portal once per device, ever. Where necessary legally compliant consent can be sought as appropriate. After that just sit back and watch the data flow in.
Cut Through The Noise
We'll provide you with all the tools you'll need to extract the maximum value from your data.
Instinctive Precision Marketing
Using the deep knowledge and intelligence you gain from your dashboard you'll be able to set up automatic campaigns which have real impact and keep all thats great about your business front and centre in your customers minds.
Tailored Experiences
Your marketing becomes infinitely responsive with the capability to focus tightly on your customers behaviour patterns. Plan,personalise and automate it just for them.
Your Brand Woven Through Everything
Your customers will only need to register through the portal once per device, ever. Where necessary legally compliant consent can be sought as necessary. After that just sit back and watch the data flow in.
Joined Up Marketing
With your gathered data you have the insight to target your marketing with ease. Understand who sees what and control their experience. We can also integrate with your existing marketing platform to really make things seamless.
Social Media Focus
by allowing your customers to login with their social media ID's you gather intelligence about their social media reach effortlessly. Let them be your best brand ambassador and use their social reach as your force multipler.
Your Robot Marketer
Decide on your strategy, punch in the plan and sit back, knowing that your marketing campaign has robotic precision at its heart.
Customer Perception - Live
Get instant feedback from your customers while they are still on the premises. Understand them automatically and set triggered responses and events to demonstrate your agility.
Work Smarter - Automatically
Now that you know your customers so well you have everything you need to set up time triggered campaigns targeted by demographic, interest group or value. Its all at your fingertips.
Amplify Your Message
With the tools we provide your message has real resonance. Narrowcast your message to the people who really want to hear it. Effortlessly, automatically!
Legally Compliant Data Security
Its a hot topic these days. We make this the keystone of our systems. Its front and centre in everything we do. Its even woven into our company name.
Ditch The Passwords
Giving out the wifi password is so last Tuesday. Everyone has access, effortlessly, but only once theyre registered and validated. Making your wifi work harder for you.
Secure Your Business Network
Our systems can easily ensure that your customers connection is kept well away from the mission critical networks that keep your business going.
Act On Misuse
Its bound to happen, theres always somebody. Our systems detect and respond ensuring that the bad boys end up in network jail.
Privacy & GDPR Compliance
We dont just comply with privacy law reluctantly, we champion it.
Data Protection Is Privacy
Your customers data belongs to them. Consent for its use is fundamental to everything we do. We'll ensure that your whole marketing operation lives and breathes this premise.
New Laws & Regulations
The law in this field is changing every year. We make sure your systems comply today, tomorrow, always.
Customer Agency
Its essential that your customers have agency over the data held which relates to them. Anonymisation where necessary coupled with full rights over data deletion and freshness is the cornerstone to this.
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